Friday, 27 September 2013

Change of Heart

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Jodi Picoult has long been a favourite. And whilst I wish I had a more plausible explanation as to how I've been whiling away an abundance of time during this long summer recess... I'm at a loss, really, as to how laying in bed or on the couch or in the park or anywhere else for that matter, reading novels, can be glorified. Yup, even flowery language fails me here as it's been nothing but indulgence. Here's what it is - bar my weekly dose of Devious Maids (I admit to being one of those clicking, re-clicking, reloading and refreshing freaks, awake in the early hours of Monday morning awaiting the finale to materialise online) and the odd soap here and there... well, I guess I've felt a certain void in my relentless show-watching-marathons. Yes, you remember. Now, as tempted as I was to embark upon the Breaking Bad Bandwagon (how did I miss this?!) I figured I should give it a break and... well, you've probably gleaned, read instead.

Change of Heart, the latest of my Picoult conquests, makes for truly compelling reading - I couldn't tear myself away, even on holiday (hang on, I'm getting there!) - any free moment on the bus, train or plane and I was straight onto it. Now, I'm not saying you should read it... but you know... I'm just informing you that it's a good piece of writing, y'know? And I wouldn't want you to miss out. Oh no. That'd be awful...y'know? Say no more. 

I've just come back from Rome and, incidentally, with a change of heart too. More tomorrow. 

SL x

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