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When I first started writing this journal, a close friend quite kindly emailed me a quote; “You know what they say about writing? It’s ‘...like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.’” Great, thanks for that. In hindsight though, I can’t say he was very far off. The Diary began life at a point when I was a little low and in search of some inspiration. I realised I had lots of ideas to share - thoughts, opinions and just... well random things really! And so commenced the rants, reviews, recipes + reflection... but some months down the line, an increasing number of people seem to be tuning in. The bigger picture is, that, I just L.O.V.E. writing and as much as I still write for me, I do endeavour to entertain, explain, educate, inspire & hopefully inform readers too, on, you guessed it, food, travel & lifestyle.

I’m not sure I fit into any particular genre when it comes to blogging really, though I suppose 'lifestyle' might be the best all-encompassing stab at categorising me. I like to share little snippets of my life, highlights, highs and highly recommendable pastimes which can include anything from cooking to couch-potato-ing with a good movie, from travelling to trying out a new hobby; I have good days and bad, some filled with family fun and some I'd rather spend alone. I've been described as 'passionate and quirky' and I guess that sums me up really. I operate a 'write what I mean, mean what I write' policy, like to have a laugh and thrive on intelligent conversation. So, in case you don’t know yet, I'm Seema,(Sim, close to home, Miss Raj when posting antics here) I am 23, a student of politics and in a tempestuous affair with food... Nice to meet'ya.

In all, I'm your average gal with likes (everything Italian, language + culture, my duvet, freshly baked goodies + giggly children), loves (family, monsoon (by which I mean the store, and the season), ingenuity and my iPhone, to name a few) and some dislikes too (hypocrisy). I enjoy the simplest things in life so if you do decide to stay and accompany me on my adventures, be prepared to expect smiles and tears, banter and gossip, confusions, confessions, opinions, ideas, many memories, pointless rants and plenty of laughter along the way!



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