Saturday, 29 September 2012

a Week in Instagrams


I know I've been pants at posting and it's no excuse but I guess it's been a week of... adjustment, of sorts. You know, settling in, getting used to doing everything for myself. It's been enjoyable though - making the flat to feel homey, spending time with my flat mate and munching many-a-goat's-cheese salad with the boy. The best part? The covered bit of the balcony where I can stand and watch the rain. 

Though there does seem to be a black hole in my bedroom, it's eaten about four of my possessions already. :/ Once we've got the broadband up and running (one of the aforementioned 'eaten' possessions, the set-up CD) I promise I'll be back for better. 'Til then, have a great weekend.


Friday, 21 September 2012

On The Move


I'm finally on my way out (stop whinging Mama Bear, I'm not going to live on the moon) in a state of excitement that I can hardly digest. It's another fresh start for me - 2nd in line after the job. New beginnings are SO important, don't you think? 

It's going to be one busy weekend but we'll meet the other side for sure. HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! 


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Why Everyone Must Meet Barfi!


Barfi!, named thus because the main character is a deaf-mute charmer called Murphy (only when asked his name, he proceeds to respond in high-pitched excitement, "Barfi!) is possibly THE most heart warming film I've EVER seen. High praise, I hear you murmur, but really, this boy is my Bollywood Sweetheart. Set in Darjeeling in the 1970s (clean, serene and absolutely breathtaking), it unfolds as a touching love story, punctuated, alas by superb Charlie-Chaplin slap-stick style sequences. The icing on the cake - the girl on the right - a former Miss World (who'd have known) who plays the beautiful, innocent, autistic Jhilmil. 

And before you say you can't watch it because you don't understand Hindi, I'll remind you it's about a DEAF-MUTE Murphy. Excuse annulled. Besides, love knows no language... right?! :D


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fifty Shades #2


So, the expected occurred and book #1 had me curious enough to dive straight into #2. Fifty Shades Darker, isn't it? Inaptly named if you ask me 'cause it's definitely the sweeter, soppier, more fairytale like one of the two. Fifty Shades Lighter, if you ask me. (Girls, as an aside, I know we're all reading this thinking awwwww, if only... but STOP. STOP right now. I mean billionaire entrepreneur with time for email banter... pshhht, yeah, sure.)

But I've had enough of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele for now - in fact I'd had enough half way through book 2 (We get it, they have S*X!) I'm not ruling out reading it eventually as it does make for light-hearted, escapist reading, often exactly what you need just before bed; just taking a break to start on The Celestine Prophecy as recommended by a friend. So far so good. Watch this space. 


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What Sim Ate


Very yummy, wouldn't you say? But I'm not just here to show you pretty pictures, I promise my intention is to lead you to good food ;)

1. Friday take-away lunches mmmmmm.
2. Victoria sponge - for how yummy it is, it's WELL worth the paltry few minutes of weighing and mixing that it takes. 
3. Cocktail's at the Slug - Cherry Cola was YUM.
4. Mum's sweetcorn curry - she's master of this one but I'll share a recipe shortly.
5. The more usual lunch. Can't go wrong though - five sandwich challenge remember?
6. Chips @ Ponti's are preeeeetty special. 


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Nine Eleven, Of Course

Yes, I'm a bit predictable (bar the week-long silence, what was that all about?!) but you can't get to 9/11 and not sense that residual regret for what happened and of course what ensued. A friend posted a fabulous status today and I really thought, "you know what, she's so right". 

"Eleven years ago today I remember not understanding the significance of this event. A plane crash thousands of miles away meant little to me. Now, I understand how this day impacted all our lives and how we are all shaped by its consequences. We remember."

The Tribute in Light is a huge reminder of what we lost, collectively, that day. Loss is a funny one to deal with too, because most of the time we only realise what's gone when it's already too late. 

On the flip-side though, 11th of September also marks the birth of solidarity - of realisation that no matter how hard we're hit, we have to move forward. So that's why I'm here today; it's my new start too - finally getting used to the madness in the office but seriously missing my time with my beloved blog. Of course now that I've waffled on for ages, I'm going to part with you at this point - but I will be back tomorrow with lots of pretty (/drool-tool) pictures. Later this week, book review(s), recipes and random escapades.

Until next time ;) 


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

a Nine to Sixer

It's official. The ninetosix has gobbled up me and my propensity to blog. Well, that and uni prep, job #2, trying to keep fit, maintaining some semblance of a social life and of course the ever-persisting struggle to keep at least 1 square metre 1 square cm of my bedroom floor visible (trust me, mess just seems to... make itself :/). The battle I'm losing? Spending some time here, on my little corner of the WWW. I've been getting used to the new rhythm of my life, settling in to new routines with new people. But I'm here now, half apologetic, half energetic, rearing and ready to go. Book reviews, food reviews, two planned city breaks and maybe some more to share - for now though (give me a break, it's 6 in the morning!), that will be all. 


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tapas at La Tasca


Can you imagine, me, Fat Girl Sim (yeah, not funny, I know), who eats anything (read everything, literally) under the sun [dead animals aside], having tried tapas only once in my life? Why? Search me. 

Note, the first encounter being at Pinchito in Old Street, when Tapas and I made passionate love during one long, lazy, two hour session (Friday - long lunches where I worked at the time). Aceitunas y Almendras tostadas, tortilla de patatas y escalivada... sabroso, delicioso! Oh, sorry. That would be olives and toasted almonds, classic spanish omelet and roasted vegetable salad to us British folk. What kept me away so long? No clue.

Tapas and I were reunited in the middle of last week at the very lovely La Tasca in Watford. Oh and I also saw a very old (as in known her long, she isn't old!) friend. But nah, I'm all about the food ;) I had my first paella, like EVER, and I LOVED it. Huge, vast menu, lots of sangrias to choose from and best of all, not indecently expensive (*ehem*Pinchito*ehem*). Rumour has it they're closing down soon though so I'd hurry on over. 



P.S. Sorry for the AWOL (again!). 

La Tasca, 63 The Parade, Watford High Street, WD17 1LJ


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