Friday, 30 November 2012

My Shameful Secret

Aaaaaand I've disappeared off the radar. Sowie. I wish I could say I've been jet-setting off to exotic sunsets in faraway locations, discovering new, unthought of and revolutionary energy resources or working for the FBI to crack right into Al-Qaeda's next planned terror attack. Hell yeah, I do wish. But no, unfortunately not. Undercover, no. Under covers, maybe. I hear your inquisitive mind ticking away, working overtime - where exactly have I been then...? And no you're not going to buy my work-uni busy busy explanation. Okay, fine...*sighs*. I suppose it's time I reveal my secret. But don't judge, I'm not exactly proud of it okay? So...I've sortabnracingthrugsspgrlseasons1to6. There. I said it. 

What, u didn't hear? Urgh trust you. Okay, fine, I've been watching Gossip Girl okay?! Happy now?


Gossip Girl, if you haven't heard of it (I hadn't, probably better that way) is a very melodramatic teenage... well drama, (doh) about NY's Paris Hiltons & Sid Mallyas residing on Manhattan's Upper East Side. The Hampstead or Swiss Cottage equivalent for us Londoners. Now, I know that doesn't sound particularly curious or amazing, but you've GOT to understand just how addictive the show is. Twists, turns, revelations & realisations - you never know what's happening next. Can you really walk away not knowing..? 

The best part, though, and what keeps me coming back is differentiating between what I do understand and what I don't. It's fictional, sure, but some scenes are breathtaking. 

I hear ya, trust me to buy right into that stuff. But there you go. You've outed me. Now I must be off. There is much work to be done (/season 6 episode 4 to be watched. Six seasons to get through, it's hard work!). Laters.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Musings

I'm In Here


Just a quick hi-bye at this ludicrous hour - the few things keeping me ticking over.

1. Newfound obsession with pixie pans - don't ask, it's a comfort thing. 

2. The upside to working mad, crazy hours? You get to shop for the job.

3. Well... what else is a TV-less gal supposed to watch?! I blame the flatmate for getting me started, I'm hooked. :/

4. 10 days (and SO not counting) until Magical Month!

5. Try this recipe. Here it is. You won't regret it, I promise. 


Friday, 16 November 2012

Autumn on Instagram


These pictures pretty much sum up everything I love so much about Autumn - golden leaves, crisp air, Indian festivities, cozy nights in, warm desserts, spicy food and imminent Christmas. Just 14 days away from December :D For now, only as it's Friday, you're gonna have to let me off the hook for the paltry picture post - but I'll be back tomorrow. 'Til then, Happy Friday.


(Not that I've EVER been apple picking before. Or been thankful on Thanksgiving. But you know. The rest stand.)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Spoke too Soon

So perhaps that was the aforementioned hiatus I was supposedly taking. Wowzers, it's been a while since we had a catch up around here - but boy have I missed this place. I'm back now - ready with reviews, recipes and ranting but above all, ready to welcome festivities after what, personally, has been a year filled with disappointment. And that, my friends, begins today. Happy Diwali to those for the rest of ya, Happy Diwali nonetheless ;) Thanks for sticking with me.


P.S. You can catch me intermittently here and here too - all in working progress. Stay tuned.  


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