Friday, 30 November 2012

My Shameful Secret

Aaaaaand I've disappeared off the radar. Sowie. I wish I could say I've been jet-setting off to exotic sunsets in faraway locations, discovering new, unthought of and revolutionary energy resources or working for the FBI to crack right into Al-Qaeda's next planned terror attack. Hell yeah, I do wish. But no, unfortunately not. Undercover, no. Under covers, maybe. I hear your inquisitive mind ticking away, working overtime - where exactly have I been then...? And no you're not going to buy my work-uni busy busy explanation. Okay, fine...*sighs*. I suppose it's time I reveal my secret. But don't judge, I'm not exactly proud of it okay? So...I've sortabnracingthrugsspgrlseasons1to6. There. I said it. 

What, u didn't hear? Urgh trust you. Okay, fine, I've been watching Gossip Girl okay?! Happy now?


Gossip Girl, if you haven't heard of it (I hadn't, probably better that way) is a very melodramatic teenage... well drama, (doh) about NY's Paris Hiltons & Sid Mallyas residing on Manhattan's Upper East Side. The Hampstead or Swiss Cottage equivalent for us Londoners. Now, I know that doesn't sound particularly curious or amazing, but you've GOT to understand just how addictive the show is. Twists, turns, revelations & realisations - you never know what's happening next. Can you really walk away not knowing..? 

The best part, though, and what keeps me coming back is differentiating between what I do understand and what I don't. It's fictional, sure, but some scenes are breathtaking. 

I hear ya, trust me to buy right into that stuff. But there you go. You've outed me. Now I must be off. There is much work to be done (/season 6 episode 4 to be watched. Six seasons to get through, it's hard work!). Laters.


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