Thursday, 6 June 2013

And then there's gourmet @ gabriel's

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So I've been mulling over just how long it feels since I last wrote here with some semblance of regularity and whilst pouring over past posts, it dawned on me that I left you right here, on an incomplete walk along London's Southbank. Now, if Saturday was about the speediest sofa supper one can muster, today is about identifying what is irrefutably Italian in essence - Pizza Margherita at Gourmet Pizza Company. Now, don't get me wrong 'cause I'm all for doughy American crusts, rich Pizza Hut pizza sauce and an overload of melted, oozing cheese (mmmmmm) but it can be nice sometimes to go authentic too. This one, and Franco Manco's have stolen my heart. 

SL. x

Visit Gourmet Pizza Company at 56 Upper Ground, Gabriel's Wharf, London SE1 9PP

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