Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy New... February?

 photo 595c678a-3269-4f7f-8cdf-c68f52479e6e_zps9ff3bbc5.jpg

To say it's been a while would probably constitute a lie. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you've forgotten me. It's been an era, and then some (or so it seems) since the last time I looked at this web space, let alone contemplate writing in it. So let's start at the start shall we? First off, Happy 2014 (haha, I can hear you, YES I am a month late) and here's hoping you've had a great start. Secondly, why did I cease to post here? Well... I didn't really have anything interesting to tell you to be honest. Then why are you back, I hear you ask? AHA. See, aside from lazing, grazing and dozing, blogging is one of my favourite pastimes. I missed it. And so here I am again, to start again. 

Stay tuned. 

SL xx 


  1. Welcome back were missed!

  2. Thank you anonymous... it's good to be back :) glad you're still here...



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