Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My First "Make-it"

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You may (or may not) have noticed a few new/changed tabs along the top of the page. It's because, on the whole, I'm rather a cook-y, craft-y, creative type of person and more than buying stuff, I actually enjoy making it. So welcome to the "makes page"! I'm also going through a bit of a "waste not want not" phase (more to come on this) and so I decided it's high time I shared some little things I get up to just to keep the imagination going. 

 photo 6acbd055-09a5-4060-acf8-b1d46f777333_zps0a0cd1cb.jpg photo a7b423cd-ec12-4512-b5a0-e22b716e4279_zps9ac676b2.jpg
 photo 74c8b6ea-6ff8-4218-8aec-2727c38935b9_zps6fa6cbe2.jpg photo 8a198f89-6046-4c24-a1df-3663bbb2c55a_zps573df1d4.jpg

What you'll need: 

1 unwanted vessel, be is glass or tin.
Fabric glue
Ribbon or fabric of choice
Sequins, bells, glitter - whatever does it for u?!

I refuse to provide instructions - just one guider - how boring are plain glass vases?! 

Rather pretty when the vase complements the colour of the flowers, no? 

 photo 9856ea11-06fb-49bf-9a55-3e4df4fd606f_zps02585120.jpg

On another note, I've had rather a few people ask why I stopped my random "thought of the day quotes"! Sorry! So...  for all of u who you want to catch up with what caught MY eye, here it is - pictures, words, and quotes I'm so addicted to.

Happy making! SL x

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