Wednesday, 27 January 2016


I've visited India more times than I care to count - but as I landed in Mumbai in the early hours of this morning, it occurred to me that never before have I been here in January. Obviously, growing up, January is the back-to-school-post-christmas-doom-and-gloom month, not a lets-go-all-out-and-spend-a-few-thousand-on-a-holiday month. So the option was never there and we were resigned to visiting the grandparents in August (monsoon season, which can be a complete washout), December (when ticket fares double or more) or Easter time, when the heat is intense and unrelenting and your days are spent in an endless cycle of showering, sweating and then showering again.

And so it was, I found myself wondering whilst waiting to disembark, what to expect.

Usually engulfed by a whoosh of hot air like that from an electric heater when the cabin doors open, this time a calm, cool and crisp night greets me.

Namaste Mumbai. I am glad to be back.

SL x

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