Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Traditions

If you caught me at any time of year other than Christmas, I would tell you how much I despise routine. Because I really, really do. I prefer surprises and spontaneity. Yet every December, year after year, I find myself in an all-too-familiar-Christmas-autopilot-mode - putting up a tree on the 1st, sending out cards on the 5th, visiting a Christmas Market around the 15th, piling presents under the tree on the 24th, and so on and so forth. A "touristy" day in London for shopping, overeating & lights is a must too, as is an evening in Winter Wonderland (not to forget the chocolate churros). But rather than running for the hills, as I would usually following a mere nod to the usual, repetitive or predictable, I find the idea of Christmas without these traditions unimaginable. Christmas would be incomplete.

Do you have any family Christmas traditions?


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