Thursday, 24 November 2011

I've Cheated, I Won't Lie


It's official, my 21-year-long highly exclusive intensely romantic relationship with Bollywood has been dirtied. Tampered. Changed forever. I've cheated and I can't lie anymore. Who'd have thought three months with the bf would be enough to have me knowing who set fire to the rain and who found love in a hopeless place? And to make me feel worse, I can't even say I don't feel an ever so slight swelling of pride within my being each time I recognise a tune on the radio/in a club/at work. It's a sublime sense of satisfaction, a small slither of smugness that seeps through my heart. Absolutely brilliant. Yup, Amy, Sunita, Rob - what you couldn't accomplish in ten years has been accomplished by another in three months. I will no longer spend nights out asking you "what song is this?!"


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