Sunday, 27 November 2011

Some Sunday Love

I remember a time when it’d come to 3pm on Sunday afternoon and I'd be filled with this inexplicable dread of the full week looming ahead, that same sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach as when you wave loved ones good bye (I class the weekend as a 'loved one', okay?!). But now? Now it's my one day of down time, catch up time, fix-up-and-get-my-life-in-order time. It's my day to spend with the family, with the bf, cooking, chilling and just doing as I please. I love Sundays. I mean when else is it really acceptable to crawl into (your unmade) bed following the fattest lunch you could possibly imagine, and just stay put until you're feel ready to take on the world (and the washing up) again? Exactly. I haven't accomplished anything on my to-do list (nope, haven't proof read essay on Leviathan, haven't applied for a minimum of three internships nor have I been job searching - oopsie), but I reckon, just because it's a Sunday, and Sundays are meant for lazing, I can forgive myself. It's nice to start the week with a head start - and I'm definitely looking forward to this one. I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully with a stomach full of sushi and a new hair style), but for now, here's wishing you a happy Sunday - hope you're rested, relaxed and re-energised.



1 comment:

  1. sundays have always always been my favorite days. :)



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