Saturday, 8 December 2012

Six Seasons Later

So the unimaginable has happened and I, having pelted through six seasons minus two episodes in what can't be longer than four weeks, am now faced with a GG-less weekend and the excruciating wait for Monday night's showdown. Now, don't judge me for this latest little craze of mine (it's addictive!) but I'm slightly anxious. :/ I mean... how on earth am I going to fill my time?(what?! I said don't judge, all recovering addicts need therapy or a placebo during the withdrawal phase). I've been advised that One Tree Hill & Made in Chelsea are formidable substitutes.  
I'm going to leave that with you...

Meanwhile, I have Fifty Shades 3 (I succumbed!), festivities and a special friend's wedding to attend to. And on the upside, you might actually see me around a little more now ;) Wishing you all a great weekend.


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