Monday, 30 May 2011

Bob Marley in the Back Yard

So it’s the eve before the day of my first exam – agreed I should probably be revising, not writing this...but I do feel I have ammunition at the ready to annihilate the paper tomorrow. Geeky as it may sound there’s supremely inimitable satisfaction in walking out of an exam hall, knowing you killed it - and that’s EXACTLY the boost I think I need at the moment. I was up until some ridiculous hour last night battling matrix algebra (yes, every bit as bad and boring as it sounds) but fortunately the Jamaican massive out back helped keep me awake. Our garden backs onto a chapel (one of the only remaining buildings of the mental hospital that used to stand where I now live - yes you heard) but it’s now used for anything but worship – parties, weddings, groups, focus groups, whatever. Lang time mi a wait but when they didn’t go I resolved to people watching (very merry, very drunk, celebrating a wedding I believe) before returning to my revision. A bit of Bob Marley can never fail to lift the spirits anyway. I reeeeeeally can’t wait to come out the other side of this*she crawls back to her stack of books*


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