Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Christmas Come Early

Eeeeeek, I literally feel like a child on Christmas day - I’ve waited a really long time for this, and now, FINALLY, I have an iMac. OMG, it’s siiiik, swell, sweet... whatever them young ones call it these days. Okaaaaay I hear you, maybe those words don’t suit my otherwise posh tongue - so let’s say it's wonderful, sophisticated and...oh hell who am I even kidding, it’s every good and nice adjective in the English dictionary. :D And so here I am, sipping my tea and blogging away for the very first time from my very own iMac (I have Cris to thank for the fact that I even knew how to switch it on - he bought one before Christmas last year and I messed around on it a fair bit). After scouring shops and the net for some time I decided that if I was going to spend so much money I may as well get exactly what I want. iMacs as they go are a pricey piece of equipment but I didn’t really want to settle for something that would get outdated really quickly - plus I had my heart set on the 27’’ rather than it’s smaller 21’’ sibling. So eventually I decided on getting a refurbished model from the online Apple store - in general they’re units that have been returned to the manufacturer within 30 days of purchase (sometimes it’s as simple as a business that has just ordered too many so had to return a few). Consequently they cannot be sold as new. However before being resold, they’re tested and certified anyway, guaranteed with a one year warranty incase of any trouble and boast a significantly reduced price tag (in my case a whopping £350...kerrrrCHING). And I am really over the moon with my purchase, because it’s the latest model with a FaceTime HD camera, bolt-lightning speed and wireless keyboard/mouse.

Lol I truly hope you’re not sitting there thinking “God she’s materialistic” - I’m honestly not... as much as I have wanted a Mac for a while, in truth I’m more proud of what buying it represents. We all have dreams, however many or few, big or small. And for the past year I honestly feel I’d forgotten to do anything for me. Everything was on the back burner because another person's happiness came first - and that’s not a complaint because I did it with pleasure. But despite it all, I find myself walking alone once more and in a sense I’ve realised my naivety. You shouldn’t make another person your whole world, because when they’re gone you feel you've nothing left (thank you Wynny for the words of wisdom). So I’m lucky really that it happened to me after just one year - imagine the people who put 20 or 30 years into a relationship or marriage, all for it to come to nothing? Learning point my friends, chase a dream, a feeling, not a person. I’m chasing mine, this little baby being the first on a very long list. Next is my driving test...more about dreams another day.

I know this post was supposed to be a bit of a review/run-down on some good movies/books/hotspots to check out... but I guess you’re going to have to wait until next time. Sowie :p It’s been a wonderful day today - a balmy 24 degrees, chillin’ with my mum, getting the mac up and running and lots of delicious cooking (google gulab jamun; made those today). In truth, it’s been such a bumpy ride that I'm trying to relish even the small joys. It’s still bittersweet, tinged with a vague ache for everything I’ve had to lose to find myself...but it’s not like we have a choice, ey? More tomorrow :D


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