Sunday, 12 June 2011

I'm a Wibbly-Wobbly Jelly

I know I say this eeeeevery single week, but like, I swear this weekend HAS to have been the busiest EVER? I kid you not, it was more manic than manic has ever been! I feel like I’ve come home from a 9 hour aerobic work-out that I was paid for, rather than paying for. The all-over work-out, what with the running and filling and moving and cleaning and whatnot, has pretty much reduced me to feeling like a wibbly-wobbly jelly now. I'm aching! I can’t remember retail ever being THIS non-stoppish even though there were some busy bursts. It just seems to be getting fuller and fuller at the hotel with tour groups and party groups almost every weekend. A bar akin to a bomb site is more usual than unusual these days and it can be difficult to keep up the energy all the time - but then I guess hoteling is a 24/7 business. Plus I do like being SO busy that I can't even think. I'm developing a strange love for my work and it does help along a bit when your colleagues are fun and customers leave you good feedback (and neat tips :p) This kind of leads me onto my point for pondering today - our restaurant was packed at breakfast today. Literally heaving with 120+ people. So there I was, all stressed out and running about like a blue-arsed fly and probably looking a mess too - stained apron, wonky name badge and jam in my hair; not a pretty sight I can imagine! And this random guy (one of the 60th birthday party-ers from last night, though he was only around 25 maybe?) stopped me on his way out.

Random Asian Man: Thank you for looking after us.

Me: No problem, I hope you had a lovely stay.

Random Asian Man: You're absolutely beautiful, just so you know.

Me: Oh. Really?! Erm. Oh. Thanks. Bye-bye then..

(Definitely played it cool there, hope my bright red ears didn’t give me away?) Hmmmm, honestly though, I always get a bit tongue tied when complimented, especially for something I’m not expecting (I was working my a** off, not trying to look nice so I was okay up 'til the thank you for looking after us bit...) At what point exactly does appreciating your waitress become hitting on her? It's terrible because girls ALWAYS get left better tips (and more phone numbers) than guys - which doesn't seem really fair seeing as my early morning colleague works super-uber hard too.

I'm feeling a teeny tiny bit low, probably due to a lack of sleep (doesn't pay to try and cram a 'life' in between endless shifts at work. Late nights + 5am starts = 1.5 hour sleeps. Nicht gut.) so I shall be on my way now; I believe a cup of masala chai has my name on it downstairs. I'm looking forward to a cracking week ahead and I wish you all the same. I'm going to leave you with a song I love. Happy Sunday peoples.


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