Wednesday, 8 June 2011

*Will You Shut Up About the Mac Already..*


First things first, I apologise for the posery above - I discovered this gadget called ‘Photo Booth’ on the mac yesterday evening and clearly got just a little bit carried away (I wasn’t grinning that widely at myself though, don’t worry, I was actually chatting to somebody online). In short I’m absolutely enamoured, so I think I’m going to cut short iMac talk right here... else you’ll be laden with another post of me singing its praises and not an awful lot more.

I’m a bit ennuyé at the moment because the sun was beaming when I was stuck indoors at work but obviously now Mother Nature decides is a great time to bucket it down. Typical ey? I’m debating whether or not to still go ahead with a planned bike ride or instead snuggle into bed and watch a movie (compensate for tearing myself out at a cruel 5.30am this morning) Yerrr, tough choice there, think I've already decided. Work was rather quick today - when you get used to 10 hour shifts, 5 hours seems measly; I got to the end of my shift and thought to myself “What… but I only just got here!?!” My supervisor told me that his wife’s expecting - did cause a little twang of something in my heart as he talked excitedly about looking after her morning sicknesses and cooking for her because she can’t smell food without feeling seriously nauseous. Exciting news indeedy, babies are a bundle of joy. I took a quick detour into town upon finishing and dropped by my beloved ex-place of work, Clas Ohlson. Always a trip down memory lane, and many smiley faces to be seen. I’ll tell you the highlight of my day though. It’s been a long while that I’ve spent hiding myself in oversized hoodies and baggy tracks. No make-up, no jewellery and thats not reeeeally me. I love getting out the dressing up box, my usually very oversized earrings and some eye-liner. And so now that I have finally started making the effort, girls back me up on this, it kicks a** when you turn a few heads. Cheap thrill? Yes. But necessary sometimes? Absolutely.

So now onto my much awaited reviews (I hope you've been waiting with bated breath?!) I just finished reading this book called 'To My Best Friends'. On first glance it appears to be another of those no-brainer make-up, break-up, chicky-flicky novels (which for the record I LOVE, for the precise reason that I have no brain left by about 11 o'clock at night when I'm most likely to reach for a book), but it is in fact a bit of a gem. Dear readers, avert your eyes from the misleading pink cover, because inside is a cracking tale with a complex plot that had me up until I had finished it (4.33am, eyes sore from tiredness). It tells the story of a woman who, prior to a tragically early death from cancer, seals the fate of the life and people she will leave behind with 4 letters (1 for her husband, 1 each for her 3 best friends). And so we watch as these very real people struggle in the battle between their own desires and their sense of duty to their deceased friend. If you can get your hands on it, go for it… if you can't you're welcome to pinch mine next time I see you. I would definitely recommend a read.

A movie I am still revelling in the delights of is this surprise little success. It's called 'Band Baaja Baaraat' - which literally translates as 'band (duh), instrument/music and wedding procession'. More usually though, when you talk of the festivities and partying surrounding an Indian wedding, you refer to it as Band Baaja Baraat. And this film is one I avoided for some time because it stars a newcomer with a girl who's just a few films old - and I made the classic mistake of judging a book by its cover. I'm not sure I've ever been more wrong because it's a beauty. Set in the buzzing Delhi ("Dil-li"), it charts the story of a middle class girl with dreams to start up as a wedding planner (very novel concept in India - the trailer will explain) - she meets the boy by chance and he convinces her that the business will need two people, not one, to stay afloat. And so the story goes, two young individuals filled with energy, enthusiasm and passion which takes their business from height to height. It's fresh and the pace of the story is somewhat electrifying. It is garish definitely, but if you're looking to jump into the deep end of Bollywood then this is the place to start. Indian weddings are all about colour and noise, family, love, tradition and music - and I think the song pretty much sums that up. When was the last time you danced, danced of sheer joy?


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