Thursday, 30 June 2011

On Hiatus.

Helloooooo there, it's been so long I've almost forgotten how to post here. I know I said some time last week (*scrolls down anxiously to check on date of last post* - okay, oops, Friday, to be precise) that I'd be back with some more reviews and rants, so I apologise if you were watching this space because, well, Friday backed onto a busy weekend, which rolled into what has been a fairly busy week - and now we're here, Thursday 30th June, at the close of the first half of the year. Though universities are finished, schools are all but closed and even parliament will soon be done, everyone still seems really busy with graduations and catch-ups and job-searches and whatnot. Time is flying on by. Doesn't it honestly feel like just a few weeks ago that we were working out what to do on new years eve?

And so the past week was a whirlwind of work, wet paint and (not a lot of) Wimbledon – probably one set watched (+ Tsonga’s match point yesterday – what is the world coming to?!!) in total. Let's rewind to this time last week. Bridesmaids. BRIDESMAIDS. I hadn't heard of this movie until S suggested watching it; not a super-starry cast neither OTT promotion & publicity, but hell, one hell of a watch. We went to the Odeon in Hatfield (first time in a long time, with candy floss, Mr Ben and Mr Jerry in tow, courtesy of Orange Wednesdays) and it's the funniest we've seen in a long time - we were in stitches from laughter at times. Since then too I've read plenty of sycophantically gushing reviews about it, which, actually, are pretty well deserved. The best bit though, has to be...

Kirsten Wiig; a ridiculously likeable baker, emotionally vacant, psychologically volatile, somewhat lacking in direction and tact - but a woman who can speak her mind. Honestly, this film addresses that age old issue of female competitiveness. Yeah, THAT one. I recall The Mail running an article a while back (ONLY read the mail online for 'research purposes' whilst writing something for YouGov, promise!) about being a competitive dresser - how we women feel forced to up our ante to impress and intimidate other females, our potential competitors. And it's never seemed more relevant than now, when there is a constant stream of skinnier, sexier, prettier, richer, smarter and more successful women at our disposal, with whom we may compare ourselves and belittle ourselves against. So I think we need to take a leaf from Annie the baker's book - watch it and you'll see what I mean.

It's probably going to be a few days before I get back online now - I feel a little lost for words of late if I'm honest so that probably explains the sudden decrease in the frequency of my updates. I've always found that that I write best when in a flurry of emotion, be it anger or sorrow, happiness or excitement, because writing is a form of expression. But I've reached a much coveted stage of contentment at the moment and it's taken a long while to get here - so let's call it a sort of hiatus for now. More soon though, I promise. Have a lovely weekend peoples, whatever it is you're up to.


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