Wednesday, 18 January 2012

omfg....I have an iPhone!

So I can't really work out whether I should be totally, utterly and legitimately fumingly furious with O2 right now, or absolutely besotted and grateful with every last inch of my being. Confused? Let me explain. I've been with O2 for as long as I've owned a mobile phone. That's.... Oooooh, 8 years+ if I've got my calculations right. Contract after contract I've chosen to stick with them, in part because it's just the easier and more convenient option, but in part due to their respectable network coverage and reasonable tariffs. Let's face it, at least O2 have more going for them than just Orange Wednesdays. My last iPhone packed it in almost a year ago though and unfortunately I didn't have insurance. At the time, I had bigger things on my mind and decided not to chase it up. Alas, I paid the price. Almost one long year in the company of my dysfunctional Nokia c300, and I was catting, I repeat, catting to get my iPhone back. For somebody who prides themselves on not being particularly materialistic, I’m shocked, if not somewhat ashamed at my reaction to finding out that I was actually due for a free upgrade one whole month ago. LIVID, that O2 hadn’t contacted me to let me know. But also disproportionately and unreasonably happy. My heart skipped a beat before promptly breaking out into triumphant jig. Enough said. Nawwwwwww look at the lil baby all black and shiny and new and smart and sweet. Nawwwww.



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