Tuesday, 17 January 2012

To Eat, To Drink, To See*

To Eat - When spirits are low and time is short, this one’s a winner.

To Drink - If you’re looking for a quiet (n.b. not code for downright boring!) spot for a few end-of-week drinks, I think I’ve just the place. TGI Friday’s (can you believe, my first time ever!) has an impressive cocktail menu and (at the the one we went to) a wonderful bunch of staff. Apparently they’re willing to shake you up anything from a catalogue of 900 (yes, 900!) cocktail recipes. Pretty hard to go wrong if you ask me. Must Try: the Snow Bear.

To See - War Horse. Set in the first world war, the latest of Spielberg's productions tells the story of young Albert Narracott, played by newcomer Jeremy Irvine, who trains a thoroughbred horse to plough the family fields. However when his harvest fails, Albert’s father sells the horse, Joey, to the British cavalry; the film follows Joey’s journey through France where after a disastrous offensive he is captured by the Germans and changes hands twice more before he is found caught in the barbed wire of No Man's Land four years later. Though the happy ending makes for a somewhat unrealistic and unbelievable tale, if for no other reason, this one’s worth seeing for the breath-taking locations and beautiful cinematography, particularly the war scenes.

*As readership here continues to grow, I’ve decided I’m going to start making some regular features and updates. This is going to be one of them, a post weekend snapshot of what was good, what was not and anything I’d recommend as worth checking out. I’ll be trying to do this on Mondays (yes, today’s Tuesday, I know!) and as always, I’d love to hear back from you with ideas, suggestions and feedback. For now, that’s all.



  1. I love TGI Fridays appetizers too. The pot stickers are delicious. :)

  2. Hi darling! nice blog :)
    if you want, follow me, I'll follow you back!



  3. @ Sean Marie - we've not really tried the food yet but will definitely do so sometime soon; we're in love with the place!



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