Thursday, 19 April 2012

Recipe: Cheese on Toast (?!)


*Disclaimer - this article contains reference to romantic ideals and soppy boyfriends. Easy access to a sick bucket is recommended, cynics are advised to steer clear. The writer takes no responsibility whatsoever for any individual’s disgust at her lovesickness. Thank you.

I remember when I was younger, boys were still nothing but an annoyance, and mum would work tirelessly in the kitchen, I'd announce, completely self-assured, that I’d only ever marry if we found a man that would do all the cooking. And of course the cleaning that ensued. Maybe some (read all) of the ironing. He’d always remember to put the toilet seat down, pull out the bins for collection and of course pick up his smelly socks the morning after. You know that mental check-list we all have? He’d have to be rich, romantic, resourceful, ravishing...I think you catch my drift. Some 15 years later, here I am. I’m not going to lie, I have the most loving of boyfriends; but as long as we’re going down the ‘not lying’ route, I’d have to confess that his culinary skills stretch as far as...well, toast, really. So that would be jam on toast, cheese on toast, beans on toast and... did I mention just regular toast as well? Yeah.

Now, whilst my carb intake has spiked sharply as a result, I have to say, he really does know how to put sparkle into the simple. Did you know that cheese on toast could ever look this good?! It’s the ultimate comfort food, and what’s more, for what it is, bread and cheese, it’s rather versatile. Pasata and mozzarella = Italian, olives + feta = Greek, tomatoes + chedder = British whilst addition of chilli sauce or green chillis gives it a spicy Asian twist. Who’d have known?! I’m hooked - so I think it’s safe to say his cheese on toast-ing skills keep him on my right side... ;)

tumblr_m2myoxY2Ux1qkckioo1_500 does this cheesy crisp (/heart attack on a plate) concoction...


...and the cutest presents he buys me following a fight...Nawwww.



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  1. That cheese on toast look amazing! I'm craving cheese on toast now, yummy! :) Great blog xx



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