Saturday, 21 April 2012

A YO! Sushi Virgin





Conveyor belt sushi had been on my radar for a very long time - probably for as long as YO! Sushi has actually been around. But as far as family meals go, when pitched up against Indian or Italian, Japanese tends to get struck off by a decisive 3 to 1 (mum: "why would you eat "kachu-kachu" (raw food)?!") thus serving to dampen my enthusiasm. Plus I'm always THAT girl in Wagamama's who asks for a fork because she can't work the chopsticks. Not one of my prouder moments. But all this time, I've retained an omnipresent, ominous sense of longing - I've tried on numerous-an-occasion to satisfy the craving with M&S and Boots' Vegetarian Sushi selections. Alas, all in vain, because each time I pass a YO! Sushi it's as though hot vegetable gyoza, crunchy asparagus nigiri and tangy cucumber maki are calling out to me, luring me. So, having frequented Wagamama's more than a few times over the recent months, and obviously worked out which roll is which via the ready-made sushi packs (thus ascertaining that I now had sufficient knowledge of the cuisine to try it), I worked up the courage last Sunday, with my best friend, to hit YO! Sushi. And hit it we did - because once we got started, there was no stopping us as we picked up dish after dish that went by on the authentic Japanese style 'kaiten' conveyor belt. A total of 19 between the two of us if I remember correctly. Ohhhh the pumpkin korroke and the hot miso soup, vegetable yakisoba and crispy tempura, not to forget the small sweet bites that followed; Japanese style pancakes and soft, sweet rice cake balls. Is your mouth watering yet?

In case you're wondering, no, I didn't master the art of the chopstick, and yes, I did get mighty frustrated that I was picking up and putting into my mouth just one noodle at a time. But was it worth it? Every single tortured second of (piping hot noodles and no fork/) it.


Check out the website to locate your nearest YO! sushi - and in case you're like me, they even have a step-by-step guide to the whole experience. What more could you ask for?

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