Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Another Phoney Apology

Considering January's meant to be the longest & slowest month of them all - y'know, cold, dark, drab post-Christmas lull - it's shocking we're onto the last day so far out of it already. When did this happen? I still (yep, STILL) have loooooong overdue posts to get up here (can you tell, this one's six days late) but I've been unwell to say the least. SO, whilst I get right onto those (and I do hope you've been missing me!) here are a few things that kept sick Sim some company as she lay moping in bed. :'(. [Cue to cry]

 photo bf7c6580-44fa-45c9-b0bc-d1b2fd006c65_zps8885c68b.jpg

 photo c8ad552d-db6c-4780-8e50-7145119d20e1_zpse4578f73.jpg

 photo 7b32cdb2-5b8b-4947-95db-e5d0e6f286cf_zps5d01991d.jpg

1. Waffle-eating. Just general, eating. Did you expect any less?
2. Quote-reading and soulsearching. If you're on my FB page, you'll probably have gathered. 
3. Citizen Khan... and I missed this HOW? :/
4. It's V-Day soon. The usual suck it up/snub it dilemma. Owwwww but look at all the pretty little pink things!?


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