Monday, 11 February 2013

Desperate Housetimes

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One glance out of the window at the snowy scenery and I believe no justification is needed for my snuggling right back down under the duvet, tea and toast to hand (it is my last day off, go easy.) Truth be told, that's been the overriding story of my life for the past few months - bar work, university and a few dates here and there I couldn't afford to miss, I've avoided going out altogether. I'm really looking forward to spring - colour on the trees and sunshine on my cheeks. Winter, we're DONE with you. But, I hear your busy minds tick-tocking away, how exactly have I been spending my time then?

Let me enlighten you. Many-a-cupcake/sponge-cake/cheesecake have been reeled off my household production line. Nobody in particular to eat them, but hell we're still banging them out. New recipes tried and tested, a ton of reading accomplished and more shisha smoked than the doctor prescribes. Then there's home Zumba classes (flatmate, not me), arty-farty creative odd bobs - sketching, scrapbooking and the likes, plus the massive spring clean operation we have underway, to be completed in time for moving day. Failing that, well... then there's always, a site my flatmate should probably never have introduced me to. 

Remember this post? Turns out I had nothing to worry about, for 1channel houses every show under the sun. Gossip Girl was replaced by Sex and the City was replaced by Citizen Khan which.... could have been replaced by Homeland, One Tree Hill, Made in Chelsea or Big Bang Theory - all highly recommended for mindless series watching. But guess what I went with? Yup, Desperate Housewives. Shows I spent my teens evading are fast catching up on me - so addictive they should carry health warnings. And this one? 8 seasons?! I'm going to be here forever...


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