Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Meet the Bombay Sandwich

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When I first suggested putting spuds in a sandwich my flatmate almost fell of her chair in surprise, and I had to laugh as I witnessed her expression go from disbelief to disgust to disbelief to horror to curiosity and finally? Yup, to disbelief again. Cucumber, jam, tuna, cheese, ham - these are the beloved English familiars... on what planet do potatoes make a packed lunch? And so ensued a good half hour of trawling the internet for evidence that no, I'm certainly not the only (or first) lunatic to be indulging in such strange sandwich behaviours. 

Time to meet the Bombay Sandwich, one of an oligarchy of reigning Indian street foods. Now, if you were smart enough to have clicked into that link already, you'll have seen it's a pretty tall order for a sandwich. Make chutney, buy masala, boil potatoes, what the f... 

Enter....... *drumroll*

Ta da (available at all dodgy Cash & Carries plus large Tesco & Asda stores *pheeeeeew*)! 

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Hey, stop laughing alright? I've just eliminated the chutney and chaat masala stages so now, if you've a few boiled potatoes at the ready in your fridge (handy tip for speedy assembly) and those cheese slices, you're only a few steps away from a spicy, saucy, special sarnie. 

What you need: sliced boiled potatoes, cucumber, red onion, tomato & beetroot(optional), white bread, butter, tomato ketchup, the above spread, cheese/food slices and mayo (that's my little British twist FYI)

What do do: well what do you think? I'd recommend toasting the bread by the way.



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