Wednesday, 9 May 2012

India Calling


If you've ever had, have or are about to have exams, you'll know it's at times like this that the desire to escape is rife. All you can dream of is a white, sandy beach, glowing, golden sunshine and the glinting azure ocean as you look on from a gently swaying hammock, cool cocktail and novel in hand. Do you know what I'm talking about? I'm consumed, if not tortured, by thoughts of holidays and freedom and carefreeness - all I want to do is book my summer getaway when really, all I should be doing is revising. The worst thing is, it's not only about holidays. It's escapism in all its forms; sleep, music, food - whatever it takes.

So I think it's quite probable that the sudden craving for Indian street-side food (more specifically pani puris, mini-crispy-fried hollow bread, filled with potato, tamarind, chili and onion, which, wait for it, pop straight into your mouth yummmmmm) was the result of this prisoner’s desperation; longing for the crashing waves on Chowpatty and the spicy chaat stalls that dot the dirty beach, the still, stifling heat and the dusty, noisy roads. Oh India, India, India. It has been far too long.


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