Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Feeling at Home

It's been a few days that we've been here and I guess it's starting to feel like base, like home. The lake, the area seem familiar - we've even ear-marked our favourite beach (deserted after 5pm, WONDERFUL for sunset swimming), favourite bar (the Meta Cafe, which doubles up as cafe (maybe the name gives that away?!), restaurant and (free) Internet cafe), and favourite store. What isn't becoming familiar though is the absolute beauty as we step outside the hotel, because it can take your breathe away, anew, each time. The hotel sits right on the lake promenade and it's as though the lake undergoes cycles during the day, changing colour in each period. It's at it's brightest at just around 7pm, when the sun is lower in the sky and the lake catches the sunlight like sequins on a dress.

We've had a wonderful few days, a nice mix of activity, inactivity and of course drinking cocktails. We spent Monday in Venice and Tuesday in the tiny hillside town of Spiazzi, quaint and very typically Italian, studded on the rolling green hills and overlooking the Adige Valley. Complete with narrow winding roads and some small trattatorias lining the high street, it was definitely a far throw from some of the more touristy areas around the lake. The point of the visit though was to get down to the Madonna Della Corona sanctuary, which is literally built into the side of the cliff face at 770 metres high.

It's peaceful here, it's beautiful and its soulful. There is an answer for every indulgence - you can run around the lake, or watch people doing so as you devour your quattro formmagi pizza. You can plunge into the crystal clear waters to swim (or just 'bob' like I do) or you can sit on the clean beach with a book and watch funny people like me doing so. Food or fashion, sports or sloven, you can find everything here. Everything.


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