Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pack Ins and Pack Ups

I tried to post a bit of a rant last night but being in unfamiliar territory (well not really, just my neighbour's, but I couldn't get the keyboard to work properly), I gave up. It got to 11pm and I figured I had packing, bathing, sprucing up of self, catching essential pre-holiday 8 hour beauty sleep (yeah right) and the rest of it still to check off on my to-do list. So here I am, after 2 hours sleep leaving you to linger on a fresh rant (what I wrote last night seems highly irrelevant now - I was basically effing and blinding after what was possibly the worst day ever). I can't say I've scrubbed up good, I'm hoping I haven't forgotten any essentials in my haphazard packing manner - but mission accomplished and boy am I relieved :D

I am bouncing off the ceilings with excitement, mostly at the prospect of catching some zzzz on the plane I reckon because I am THAT tired. Yesterday turned into a bit of a day from hell - literally running down high streets to get my last minute linens (can't go on holidays without those!), sorting out currency, paying bills and submitting my resignation at my former place of work (apparently it couldn't wait even a day, couldn't be put in the post, I had to go over IMMEDIATELY or it would affect my pay. THE CHEEK OF IT!). My printer decided it was the perfect opportunity to pack it in (I could almost hear it laughing and pointing at me smugly while I fumed) so I decided I'd better get to the library to sort things out. But apparently libraries don't open until 2pm these days?! I mean what is that about? *takes a deep breath…* Aaaaaaanyway, the long and short is, I made it here alive. I'm looking forward to time out and hopefully coming back refreshed and revitalised. Ready for a new academic year, new job and new start. The second half of the year just has to be better than the first. Hasta la vista, for now at least :D


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