Tuesday, 26 July 2011

One More Gelato Please?

If there's anything I'm craving right now, it has to be the million (I kid you not, on occasion it was four times in one day!) Italian gelaterias we graced with our presence. Because let's face it, the cold English Cornetto doesn't quite cut it. Home-made, real-fruit, hand-churned fresh, soft, creamy luscious delight vs mass-made, hard-frozen (blame the freezer), soggy-coned Cornetto? Hmmm, say no more. The flavours on offer ranged from the wild to the weird to the absolutely wonderful - from cassata to snickers to watermelon... yummmmmmmmmmm.


Though I would of course much rather be on holiday again, it does feel kind of great to finally be getting on with things. We completed redecorating the master bedroom today; there's probably more paint on my clothes than the wall but it definitely looks good. We've gone for a 'feature wall' type style because its the only way we can convince dad to allow some colour into the house. Since birth I've lived in two houses of absolutely completely magnolia-ed walls; but with the likes of Nick Knowles, Linda Barker and Ann Maurice at the helm of revolutionary makeover shows around about my most 'rebellious' years, it wasn’t long before I just painted my room (ooooooh, rebellllll I hear you scream :p) and waited, baited breath, for all hell to break loose when dad came home. Surprisingly his reaction wasn’t even that bad and slowly but surely, we’ve won him over to our way of thinking. See, you don’t ask you don’t get! Simple as. We're coming to the end of our summer spruce up now, bar the very battered skirting boards screaming out for a coat of paint (worst jobs saved til last is our policy). More tomorrow :)



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  1. I can't say I've really had anything other than our rubbish English ice cream, I would love to try something a bit different!




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