Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Little Bit of Lazise

We were supposed to be in Verona today, allegedly the city of Romeo and Juliet (although the 'balcony of Juliet' wasn't actually built until 1936 - scandal!) but when we got to the bus station we realised there was an impromptu strike. Just typical ey?! So, it's been Lazise and Bardolino today, and Verona tomorrow as long as the buses are up and running again. Bardolino is the town immediately south of Garda along the lake, Lazise being the next. We ambled into Bardolino yesterday evening after a long morning of swimming/bobbing/laying on the beach (come on, it's got to be done atleast once?!) - and had a lovely dinner on the lakeside followed by probably too many cocktails at a very classy corner named Bar Chessa. Bardolino boasts a very nice wine of its own called the Bardolino (surprise surprise) which is sweet, fresh and very cheap (actually cheaper than a soft drink at the restaurant!) seeing as it's so readily available.

The best thing about being on holiday is the freedom it entails. No routine and no rules. Nobody waiting for you at home and nobody expecting you to tidy your room up (although the pair of us are embarrassingly neat - I think we give housekeeping a run for their money). You can eat when you want, what you want. We have spent a lot of time just wandering the cities, towns and villages, soaking up the atmosphere, the culture. Navigating side streets, tasting the gelatos and eating roadside pizza after pizza. Today was something the same, spent meandering the cobbled quarters of Lazise, just walking. The days seem awfully long and the air is heavy, prickly. A deep heat sets in at around midday and the day, our day, doesn’t end until early hours of the morning. The people are wonderfully warm here and helpful. The women are feisty and the men gallant. They swoon over you, compliment you, spoil you. The best we've heard so far is 'congratulations on your beauty' (?!!!) After the horrible first half of this year, it genuinely feels like life might take a turn for the better. I sometimes feel like an absolute fail as a human being; it's difficult not to when you try your hardest at something and it still falls apart. I'm massively insecure at times, rather stubborn and probably the worst case of control freakism you'll find. But I finally feel like I might pick myself up - as small a step as this may be, it's most certainly a step forward.


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