Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Yin Yang...

Have you ever tried Marks and Spencer's Strawberry Scones? The "light and scrummy all butter scones filled with fresh whipped cream and a generous dollop of strawberry conserve"? You know the ones…?

<------------------Yerrr, these. Please say you have, if you haven't please go out and buy some - on me if that hurries you on your way. With the passing of mum's birthday, she'd brought home the remainder of a pastry and cake selection she'd taken into work for her colleagues - unfortunately for her (she's been buying me a twin box almost every day) and fortunately for me (who'd have known scones could taste THIS good?!) this was one of them. They are subtly sweet, so crumbly and light - and up until that fated day two weeks ago, not even a single bite of a single scone had ever passed my lips. In general, scones are not really sweet enough for sweet-toothed people (read: me). They can be dry and chewy. But I am really, rather officially head-over-heels for these; I cannot stop eating them! However, luckily (for my hips and thighs at least), I've (re)discovered a second love too. Running. Even better, running in the rain. And I figured it's the perfect balance. Eat more + exercise more = EQUILIBRIUM. And I s'pose that's the point of my post today.

I feel like everything around me is changing. Routines have changed, rules have changed, relationships have changed. It's been a strange weekend and I fear I'm speaking in riddles at the moment. So here's my point. When things change, we have no choice but to watch silently. People leave and we can't stop them. Circumstances change, seasons change and times change too. But what I have come to realise is, in all the chaos, in our lack of control on the changes around us, there remains a semblance of balance. We lose somebody, we find somebody else; if only we can hold it together long enough to see that. It is, really, all about yin yang. Balancing the good with the bad, the loss with the gain. If you can just keep your head on the right way, you're going to be okay. And if you can just remember that, I think you can get through pretty much anything. So what if you had your heart broken, how do you know some-one won't come along to fix it right back up? So what if you lost a boyfriend, don't you still have your family by your side? So what if you (or I, for that matter) eat two scones a day, you can exercise it back down right?! (I hope?!). The key to life is really in yin yang - it's not about leading a life of safe averages but experiencing the extremes so the averages work themselves out.

In truth, I've had a wonderful-ish few weeks. I've spent much time wrestling plants in the garden (looks a lot better now), a lot of time catching up with old friends and new, and of course eating those scones. I finally bought myself a new phone (I have been GLUED to it since, can you blame me?!) and I go away to Italy on Saturday with my best girl friend. I am super excited for the food (had you already guessed?!), the partying and of course those smooth Italian men ;) We're staying in Garda, and as well as the typical beach relaxation, we're hoping to take advantage of the water sports on offer and trips to Verona and Venice. More on that soon though.




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