Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pizza on the Piazza


So it's two days and really obviously not counting until I'm FINALLY off on holiday. To say I'm excited would be the understatement of the century - because I'm ecstatic, extremely exuberant with expectation and exhilaration (how's that for alliteration ey?). Not to rub it in but we're headed to Lago di Garda (yes yes, thank you, thank you, I have been working on the Italian), only the grandest and arguably most picturesque of the Italian lakes. Alps at the top, beaches at the bottom. Woop woop, I'm going to ITALY! (okay, I will shut up now - just had to get it out of my system). Contrary to my well known and widely touted control freakish, hyper-organised tendencies, packing is yet to be done. As I write I can see a swimming costume...sort of swimming I suppose, sheepishly, alone at the bottom of my vast suitcase - half-heartedly tossed in there just this afternoon. Really, the week has just flown by in a last-minute flurry of highly domesticated tasks (painting, shopping, gardening, cleaning, sorting - odd jobs to 'finish off' before leaving) and not an awful lot else. It's been one of those weeks where I've not known whether I'm coming or going. I feel misplaced. On edge, probably from the excitement of going away. Unfortunately it's also been a week filled with disappointments. It's taken a long time getting over being chucked (I don't even want to get into numbers w.r.t. Ben and Jerry's tubs consumed in the interim) and even the smallest of set-backs seem magnified ten-fold in the glare of that failure. I've realised that it's time to move on from a job I really, really enjoyed. In the cycle of remembering and forgetting my first love, I'm back in that place on the loop, missing my relationship. I can't get hold of my best friend for trying (for reasons I know are justified) and in all - I couldn't be more ready to go away. To hide away on a beach and read my way through the fictional lives of fictional characters in far away lands. To swim, free, in the warm waters of the lake. To eat pizza napoletana on the piazza. I cannot wait.


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