Monday, 19 December 2011

Lazy Days, Lovely Days

Jeez, one WHOLE week and no update? I really do need to up my game. Since term ended at university, I've been hell-bent and totally intent on trying to use my time to catch up on all the things I don't have time for during term time; like clearing out my closet in prep for some sneaky pieces from the January sales and ploughing through stacks of reading and making a dent in the gift-buying marathon that beckons. Wanna hear the news though? I haven't even scratched the top of the mountain. Because as soon as I finish work and I realise I don't have to leg it out like a maniac for the next train into London, all I really want to do is snuggle down and read novels from under the duvet. Or eat warm cheesecake-marbled chocolate brownies with melting vanilla ice-cream. Or just bumble around with the boyfriend doing nothing.
But then that's how it should be right, that's what holidays are for? I feel SO tired out by the fullness of my timetable over the past few months that I think it's really caught up on me. I'm fried, so-to-speak, and to top it off I seem to have one of 'those bugs that are goin' around' (damn Boots customers that spread their germs left, right and centre). So in truth this break couldn't have been more welcome. Unfortunately for me the bf is working crazy hours over the next week, but fortunately for mum, that means she has her Team S (that's me and her, in case you wonder. Sadhana + Seema = Team S) to combat the mounting Christmas challenge. And boy is there a TON of work to be done. I'm up and out of here but only for now - because I promise to be back a little sooner than last time with some reviews (films, restaurants, bars and shows) and girly stocking-filler ideas (take hints, boyfriends, brothers and fathers). Until then, wishing you a Happy 19th December. Keep smiling.


  1. oh my god!
    i love that sign!
    first xmas together!
    really cute love

    did you guys make xmas cards together?

    Melina ♥

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one who's not touched their uni work! xx

  3. That's so touching...
    New here to your blog dear and liked it. Do drop by mine sometime!!!
    Merry X'Mas dear...
    Fashion Panache - When I was a Bride's Maid...

  4. LOVE these pics! So Christmassy!

    H x



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