Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

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Then, of course, there were the pizzas. Bar some arancini and a cheeky Mcdonalds (where they served Miami Fries...?), we ate nothing but pizza. In Rome it's often baked in large rectangular trays and sold in square slices by weight. This is known as Pizza al Taglio and the sheer abundance of it, that too in vegetarian varieties, made each mealtime choice a bittersweet one. Artichoke or asparagus, olives or onion, which to have? I'd take mental note of aaaaall the combinations (sometimes 5+) I'd liked to have tried and tell myself that I'd come back the next day - this never happened though, as the next pizzeria on would just add another 5 contenders to my toppings-to-try list. Yes, my eyes are alot bigger than my stomach.

Now, I was about to indulge you in yet another picture overload but I stopped dead in my tracks when I realised, no matter how beautiful, you all know what pizza looks like. Plus I wouldn't want you to think me... odd, photographing all this food when there is... well, so much history, culture, colour & wonder in every corner of the city. It does seems to happen all too often that I return home with more photos of food than of places and people. But I guess it's just as well because they sure come in handy on gloomy days, should I be reminiscing, and in need of a visual aide to recreate the essence of sunnier memories. 

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I've [already] tried reworking some of the fabulous combinations I encountered (call it pizza withdrawal) and I will follow up with recipes but for now, I think, enough about pizza. 

SL x

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