Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mistakes and Milkshakes

So there I was, all set to rant and waffle on Sunday. To moan and complain, to share my disdain. To profess, confess and express my discontent with life (remember I told you I wanted to share my weekend of doom with you?) I could feel a potent ramble brewing in the very pit of my stomach - you know when sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you just need to vent, get it all off your chest so you can breathe again? I felt like I needed to do that. Alas, it’s a shame I didn’t post what I wrote on Sunday - or perhaps its a sign - because none of it makes any sense any more. I fell out with the one person who is probably my best friend - not a fight as such, just some silent assumptions and a rift that make it difficult to see eye to eye sometimes. But I figured, with a little time and the convenience of hindsight, that that’s okay. Every friendship goes through phases, some times when you get on less that others... right? (I mean even Carrie and Miranda fell out for God’s sake!) So, by some miraculous stroke of luck you’ve all been saved from my usual drama-queenesque style rambling. Count your blessings.

Today, after working, gardening, shopping and walking (ALL in the rain), I have just a thought for you. We all make mistakes - some big, some small. Some more easily rectified than others - but what matters is that we learn from them. One mistake doesn’t make a bad person of you. What matters more is your intention, your character and your heart. So what if people judge you, or even write you off? The people that have faith in you, won’t. And those are the ones who matter. So make mistakes as confidently as you make decisions, and then take the consequences in your stride. After all a very wise person said, it's better to live a life of "oh wells" than "what ifs". More tomorrow - time to try another milkshake flavour I think?




  1. Thanks for the last paragraph. I needed that this month :) xx

  2. my love :) nobody is perfect!
    we all make mistakes ,, we all learn from them

    :) i love what you wrote here
    such strong words to keep in mind

    i hope everything is ok hun!



  3. @nicole - you're welcome... I'm glad I could help. sometimes a word of motivation can work wonders. I hope everything's good with you.

    @melina - i'm good babes; just wanted to share words of wisdom that have helped me through :)

  4. That is such a mature way to look at it, you're lucky to have such a positive outlook.



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