Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Spring In Her Step

Do you remember how you felt when you got the grades you needed, when you got accepted into the university of your choice, or when you got offered your dream job? That rush of adrenaline when you acquired something following rigorous slash tediously pain-staking effort? Or perhaps you remember that flutter in your stomach, your racing heart when the love of your life told you you're the love of his too? The elation when somebody praises you that puts a spring in your step for the rest of the day? Remember how that feels? I speak at risk of sounding like a complete idiot but at this moment in time, I feel like exactly all that, rolled into one, pretty much all the time. I'm literally buzzing I'm so unbelievably happy - I've had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I'm not dreaming. High praise, I know, for a life that to outsiders may seem nothing more than ordinary. But isn't that the key - making the most of now, here? Following lesson number one (you know, that huge long speech on how you should never give up on love?), I'm ready to broadcast my second. And that is this: as much as we convince ourselves that we have control of our lives, life in fact takes most of our decisions for us. We don't know who we'll meet, what will happen or indeed how things will work out. In the given circumstances, the best we can do is take what is thrown our way in our stride, and strive to enjoy the ride. I say these words from experience, a former control-freakishness junkie who was put through cold-turkey rehab; I clawed to pull my life back together when I felt I'd totally lost the reins but the only way to continue living was conceding that my willing, or not willing, something to happen would make absolutely no difference whatsoever. To anybody who's a little down and out today, feeling a little bit worse for wear, just remember that bad times never last; so what if things went wrong today? Go to sleep, wake up, smile and start again (apparently England is expecting a mini-heatwave this week, so why not bask in that?!)

I'm back here tomorrow with maybe a bit of a fill-post on the antics of my past week - but until then, please think on my words and enjoy yourself, no matter what it is you're up to.




  1. :) your post made me smile
    you have powerful words darling!

    perfect ending for the perfect post
    that picture says it all <3

    happy tuesday love!


  2. Oh, your words have got me tingling with excitement! Glad you are happy and can't wait to see what comes next for you!x


  3. AWESOME inspirational message!!! Love it! Happy Tuesday Girl! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  4. Beautiful writing kiddo and inspiring.

  5. @ Melina - thank you again for your lovely encouraging comments - REALLY make my day. Hope you're having the best week.

    @ Danielle - thank you! I really look forward to your comments, thank you so much for sticking with me. Best wishes to you

  6. Is that your room ? Such a cool wall text !

    Love your writing !

    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium



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