Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Shaken Cow for Lunch

So, erm, every best intention I harboured of cutting back on the baked goodies in a crash-effort to salvage my health and fitness (!) was pretty swiftly wiped out this afternoon when my newly found work friends took me to "The Shaken Cow" where I was treated to the most lusciously indulgent Creme Egg Twister Milkshake I have EVER tasted (infact the ONLY Creme Egg Twister milkshake I have ever tasted). Shaken Cow, I hear you ask? It's St Albans' answer to Tinsel Town if you ask me. Minus the kitsch American diner style set up and Hollywood hall of fame. Moreover, there are 100+ flavours as compared to Tinsel Town's measly 50. Jealous much? I should think so… it's just amazing milkshake, and pretty smiley milkshake makers too. I can see where my lunch breaks might be spent hereafter.


I hereby solemnly pledge to work my way through the 100-strong milkshake menu, no matter how long it takes (or how much it costs - at £4 a milkshake, I think that comes in at around £400....!)


Shaken Cow Milkshake Bar, St. Albans, 17 High Street AL3 4EH


  1. hmmm so delicious:))
    i like your head-picture:)


  2. I want a milkshake right NOW!


  3. lol. yes. jealous MUCH. we have no good desserts in tamil nad. ive been baking crappy out of the box brownies to fulfill our sweet tooth cravings!

  4. that sounds yummy
    now i want one :(




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