Thursday, 6 October 2011

An Apple A Day

Sitting typing this out on my 27 inch, state-of-the-art 2.7 GHz iMac, headphones in ear playing music from a 16 GB touch-screen iPod nano, and plans to purchase an iPad rolling over in my mind, I feel it would be very wrong of me to pretend I don’t want to make some mention for the man who is Steven Jobs - mastermind of Apple, the greatest innovator of our times. When I really sit and think about life before my iPod, I feel at loss for how I actually managed to keep all my music together, in one place, accessible at the touch of just one button. I’m an avid Apple fan, enamoured by the ingenuity of the design and the user-friendliness of rather forward technology. So naturally, I’m grateful to Jobs, and sad that he’s gone. But love or hate his inventions, either way it’s tough to find a man with such passion for his work, with such zest for his life. Some months ago, when I felt my life was at an absolute low (in hindsight, it really wasn’t) it was a quote of his that was my calling. And I think I remember sharing it with you too, a little later on, here. If nothing else, hats off to this man for his spirit, his passion, his determination to live life and live it to the full, no matter what. RIP Steve Jobs.




  1. I'm loving so much of what he said...lovely tribute post!

    Liesl :)

  2. Aww... I heard about his death yesterday... So sad :( He was a great guy. I'm a huge Apple fan too, I've got an iPhone and an iPod. Now if only I could add a laptop to my collection as well...

  3. He was an EXTRAORDINARY man!!! I agree with you wholeheartedly! Your post is beautiful and should be commended. ((HUG))
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  4. aww he is a legacy :)

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  5. rest in peace sweetie
    he was a great man

    fly with me ♥

  6. your blog is very unique and i find it peaceful to me….
    love your blog..following you….
    follow me back if yu like.:)

    R. I. P. Steve JObs..



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