Thursday, 27 October 2011

One of Those Days

Blehhhhhh what a day ey? What. A. Day. One of those when nothing seems to go right and all I can think of is how much this day hates me. I had the morning off work yet I was peeled out of bed at 6am (forgot that it’s Hindu New Year today, annual phone-family-you-didn’t-even-know-you-had day). An early start = time for packing you’d think? Only the heating system packed in earlier this week and British Gas chose today, of all days, to take over my bedroom in their endeavour to flush out the boiler. GREAT. Huffing, puffing and thumping up the stairs by this point *takes a deep breath* I tried to focus on the fact that I’d have hot water to wash my hair before leaving for university. Left the house to get cash, hair washed, blow-dried, shining and bouncy and guess what? Yeah. B***** f****** god**** rain. Reach into handbag for umbrella, realise it’s (probably quite smugly) sitting in my wardrobe where I stashed it away last night because my bag was just getting too ridiculously heavy (In all honestly, I might as well wheel around a suitcase to carry my paraphernalia most days, such is the severity of my problem). And just when I thought the tediousness had peaked, I arrived at the ATM to (re)realise some numpty had bulldozed it out on Saturday night so there wasn’t one anymore. Urghhhhh, what next?! I’ve absolutely had enough and I’m itching for the day to end - so I’ve resorted to hiding away in my favourite coffee house, with my favourite hot chocolate and a piece of cake (they have the “world’s greatest chocolate cake” on offer- I’m not kidding, that’s the name- but I’ve had enough disappointments for one day tbh so I settled for Raspberry Trifle Cheesecake instead.) Go away day.

It’s time for me to call it a day - to comfort eat and cuddle (not myself, my boyfriend, don’t worry) my way out of this state of self-pity. It’s Friday tomorrow. Pay Day. No Uni. A whole day to spend with the bf. And then I have this to look forward to (finally booked my hotel on Marine Drive). Say no more. Sal Mubarak to you guys and happy Friday in advance.




  1. I get you, sweets. It is just one of those days. I am glad that you find a solution, to make yourself feel better and cuddle with your boy. : ) Happy Friday, Raj!!

  2. tomorrow will be a better day gorgeous!

    smile and be happy!

    •[♥] Kisses
    -•[♥] & Hugs
    --•[♥] Melina

  3. Yuck! I have been having a similar day myself. Hope today is better for you and remember it is just ONE MORE DAY (!) til you are on holiday :)

    PS.. that photo looks unreal- can't wait to see the photos from your trip!



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