Monday, 24 October 2011

Sorry Blog, I've Missed You

It's been the most beautiful of weekends - bright, cool and fresh, the last of the diluted summer sun showing it's face before winter sets in. I'm sorry for the random AWOL (almost a week, I know!), it's just been a really busy one. I'm off to India on Saturday and in between getting the trip organised (visa, hotel, flights, trains), a troublesome uni workload that seems to double by the day and 5 back-to-back 5am starts last week, I haven't found even a spare second, let alone a spare little bit of energy. Yes, okay, okay, I'm new in a relationship too so obviously any "spare" time I do have on hand, I spend with him. Sorry blog. If it's any consolation, I've missed you. But I'm back now, with a little bit of a picture update, some captured moments that are testimony to a happiness that at the moment knows no bounds.

Pasta at Prezzo


Lazy Saturday morning book and brunch

Mini-golf-cookie-dough-ten-pin, the perfect Saturday afternoon.



After what feels like the most testing one year of my life, I feel like I've come away armed with everything I need to look at life in a new light. It took time to make the transition, yes, from devastated to determined, to look at pain with positivity, but I've done it. Most importantly, I've come to realise that really, we've no control whatsoever. So just let go, let life happen and be content with what you're dealt. I lost love and I found it again - when I least expected or wanted it, when I thought I needed to be alone. So here's to life, to love, and to lessons. Lessons that can only be learnt when we dare to make our own choices, whether right or wrong. Wishing you all a wonderful week - Happy Diwali to those celebrating, Happy Pay Day to those waiting (read counting down) and Happy Monday to everyone else...



  1. Hello Miss Raj! What wise words (and pretty pictures)! Here's to a hopefully happy week ahead for you! :) xx

  2. Congrats on your new relationship and have a safe trip to India! :D

  3. ok love
    you make me so hungry with all these
    food and dessert and this and that haha

    they all look so good!

    :D i am glad you are back
    i know what it feels to be busy and
    not being able to post .. i miss it too!
    but we are back girl!

    happy tuesday!




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