Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Stolen Starbucks'


Sat in the Starbucks tucked away opposite St. Paul’s (stealing a sneaky coffee to stay awake for my next lecture, spying on the persisting protests, and generally world-watching), I have to say I'm feeling rather smug today. Pleased with myself that despite a bit of a mad-crazy schedule, I've held it together pretty well. Everything is finally falling into place - my visa is done, passport stamped and collected (if you've ever dealt with the Indian Embassy before, you'll know that this is no mean feat * sigh of relief*), gift shop-a-thon complete for various cousins, aunties, uncles, great aunties, great uncles etc (cosmetics, confectionery and English tea bags now constitute around 45 of my 46 kilo baggage allowance) and Mum and I have finished stocking the fridge, freezer and cupboards for when we're away (no, the men in our house don't cook, before you ask) *pause to catch breath*. I'm all set baby and really looking forward to 9pm on Saturday when I can literally do NOTHING. Haha, no clothes to iron, dishes to wash or rooms to hoover 40 000 feet in the air now ey?! I'm super excited for the quick getaway (I'm such a wannabe jet-setter me) but I'm also actually slightly anxious. I haven't been back for over two years now and a lot’s changed in those two years. I have changed in two years.

I'd better be off now, think I'm already five minutes late for my next lecture and I've still a ten minute walk to get there. Here's hoping you're having a pretty damn awesome Tuesday - today's picture, courtesy of Zizzi's (and of course the lovely bf who took me there for lunch) was definitely a flash of inspiration for me. I might just be back tomorrow with my first Orange Wednesday review in a long time - but til then, stay tuned, keep smiling and be good ;)



  1. So glad you are feeling wonderful about things and have accomplished so many of the things that needed to get done...what a great feeling! Hope your lecture was a good one and I simply love that quote!

    Liesl :)

  2. Yay for a checked-off list!
    I am getting excited for you to go on your trip- hope you have an amazing time!

  3. mmm, looks nice



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