Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Five Regrets

I'm tempted to apologise for my inactivity in this little space of mine - I never intend to be away for more than a few days but I realise that sometimes, just sometimes, life does tend to get in the way. In between work and university and commuting and chores and general homey duties, it can, actually, be pretty tough to find a spare second. I'm not going to lie - of late, I've been having one too many of those classic freak out moments. You know when you've spent your whole life telling people "when I'm older I'm going to…" and it suddenly hits you that you've arrived at 'older'. You're there, you've grown up and you haven't even done half of what you wanted or expected to have? In hindsight, I realise that whilst growing up, we looked through specs tinted with naivety, innocence and expectation that showed us a world filled with only wonder and promise; and we itched to grow up and get out there. We couldn’t see a parents' worry about how ends will meet at the end of the month, neither were we aware of wars or famines that ravaged far thrown locales of our very own planet. We knew nothing of heartache, heartbreak or disappointment. We were blissfully, yet so excusably, oblivious.

I came across this article on Paulo Coelho's blog a while back and that's what I want to share with you today. Coelho's writing is inspiring - jaw-droppingly so - in the way it motivates you to disregard all inhibition and hindrance and answer your own heart fearlessly.

That's all from me, for now. Happy Thursday to you all.



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