Monday, 20 February 2012

Why Think Twice?


It's funny, sometimes, how we only realise the value of something when we're about to lose it or give it up. I handed in my resignation at work last week, fed up of the repetitive, robotic nature of the task. The six month itch is coming to be a recurrent event in my life. How ironic, then, that the day immediately after I've resigned is my most pleasant shift at work yet; the most challenging, and engaging, requiring more than mindless shelf-filling and customer-serving of me? Oh the irony. But I suppose it's onwards and upwards really - following hundreds of job searches, tens of applications and a fair few responses, I have another offer on the table before I've even left the last; as mum would say, we've one life, so why think twice?

Speaking of giving things up - it's pancake Tuesday tomorrow. What is everyone giving up for Lent?


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