Friday, 3 February 2012

To Eat, To Drink, To See


So when you're having one of those weeks, y’know, spirits are sagging, workload is rising and you're generally just freaking out, I like to think the best way is to succumb; feel sorry for yourself, it's okay, find what comforts you and do what it takes to make yourself feel that little bit pampered. I reckon I have it all sussed when it comes to pick-me-ups if I'm honest…and if we're going with the pictures, those pick-me-ups would be food (cannelloni), food (chocolate - what else?!) and drink (alcoholic of course) for me. The boyfriend seems to have me worked out too - we’ve had the nicest few meals this week including the cannelloni you see sitting there so seductively, and round two at the Waffle House. I know, I KNOW, I have been on about this spot non-stop and I'm yet to give you more information. So here it is, this weeks To Eat, To Drink, To See.

To Eat - In case you hadn't yet gathered, the Waffle House really is my place of choice right now. With it's scenic watermill setting at the foot of Verulamium Park, it's not hard to see why it would be ideal for lazy summer brunches - but it is quite surprising that it works so well in the winter too, with it's snug, quaint decor and 16th century beams. The waffles are so hot, wholesome and hearty that spoonful after luscious spoonful works wonders to comfort a slightly bereft heart. Enough said, if you don't like sweet, they do savoury but if you're a true waffle fiend, there's plentiful variety of the sweet sort. The prices are fair, service is smiley, tea is lovely and atmosphere is cozy. I'd recommend trying every single waffle. Check it out here:

(A friend mentioned her wish to be married at the Cathedral and have the reception party at the Waffle House… definitely tempted to pinch that idea!)

To Drink - The best thing about being a student is that you can get away with a sneaky drink at (almost) any time of day - 3x afternoon shots this week = a very happy Seema by the time she gets home. Current favourites are the June Bug (Chiquito's and TGI's both kick-ass) and the Woo Woo. Alternate with shots of tequilas and you're well enroute to warmth and happiness. ;)

To See - As tempting as it can be to catch the latest movies at the cinema, sometimes time restraints make it impossible (You may have noticed that I've pretty much given up on Orange Wednesdays). Plus it's not exactly tempting to freeze your a** off in the air conditioning when it's already -1 outside. Solution? Come home ('happy' of course) and bundle up in bed to watch a classic; there's nothing quite like discovering a movie with your favourite actor that you've never seen before; for me, those actors would be Julia Roberts, Will Smith and Jennifer Aniston. Runaway Bride anyone….?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.



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  1. Omg that waffle looks delish...
    Hope you are having a good weekend!
    xo V



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