Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday 11th Feb 2o11

I feel like smiling today. I feel like it is time to do something for me. You know when you have had a really tough time, spent so much time feeling low, crying and regretting.. .and you finally reach that point where you think “enough”? SO, the weekend's looking good – some old friends, hopefully a spot of retail therapy (ALWAYS lifts the spirits I find), comfort food and tons of banter.

Long afternoons of rom-coms and Disney movies with your oldest friends, chocolate brownies and Ben & Jerry’s for company make it simply impossible to avoid smiling any longer. Mysteriously, spoonful by spoonful of luscious milky ice-cream repairs a broken heart, revives dampened dreams and reinstates lost enthusiasm with a sanctity that simply cannot be matched.

Today has been a day of lazing, grazing and chilling – to top it off a date at 9pm eeeeeek with the sleekest gang of grifters I know. Though the guys aren’t too bad, I have to say it’s the blondie that’s the hottie! I was rather disappointed last week to see the removal of Hustle from the TV listings... but today I breathed a huge sigh of relief to see it has returned! Happy weekend to you all, it’s time for me to be with my TV xx

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