Friday, 11 February 2011

I Guess I Had Better Introduce Myself..

I have always been fascinated by people who write a daily diary – as somebody who despises rules and routines, I find I have always lacked the discipline needed to record on a daily basis life’s ups and downs, and the emotions that went with it. It seems so rewarding though to be able to read back your life, laid out so vividly, chronologically in your own words with not a day that you don’t remember. Even more it used to make me giggle that people wrote TO their diaries, instead of IN them as though the diary was a friend, an agony aunt, listening to your every woe and worry. I recall the time I began dating my first boyfriend as being the only instance I was motivated to write something down each and every day. Every moment of every day was exhilarating, I mean this guy I had been besotted with for my entire high school history had finally fallen for me too :D I wasn’t going to allow myself to forget even a second of it so each night I would religiously recollect my day’s escapades and pen them all down. Each day, a new experience – my first date, my first gift, my first kiss... I relished every moment of those beautiful, innocent days – and looking back at what I wrote at the time always brings a melancholy smile.

I sit and wish to myself sometimes that I still delighted in every day as avidly as I did back then, noting down the highs and lows faced and preserving memories for a lifetime. I guess though I am too set in my old ways now, doomed to be an “occasional” diary writer rather than the dedicated sort. So here it is, my “occasional” diary, filled with the hopes and dreams of every girl, some shattered some complete, the tears and the smiles, the daily grind and what gets me through. Some good days, some great... and some downright awful, but all worth remembering!


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  1. Ah-mazing blog. I am definitely following back! I am glad you found me and commented on my blog. You're a great writer. I like blogs with lot of meaningful words. I wish I could write like you!

    Looking forward to more of your posts!

    Katrina from



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