Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tuesday 22nd February 2o11

Last day in Sthlm City today, and these my last few hours. Have you ever been so content, so happy in a moment, that you wished desperately for time just to come to a standstill? When you just wished you never had to say good-bye? That is how I feel. I'm not ready to go home as much as I miss it, because I feel as though I am leaving something behind.

The day has been a good one though, beginning with a delicious breakfast of home-made pancakes with whipped cream and jam and movies in bed. "Love and Other Drugs", "Life As We Know It" and "The King's Speech". All beautiful movies, definitely worth a watch.

I took my last trip into town, soaking in the city by dusk and by night; -12 celsius, but worth every goddamn minute. We took a tentative walk around the "Gallerian" shopping centre, savoured a peculiar but rather tasty cake by the flavour name of "pistage" (bright green cake with pistachios on the top, though the woman behind the counter assured us it contained just peanuts), took a walk through the "Harrods" of Stockholm and then stuffed our face once more at the food hall just off the market square. Yuuuuuumy :D

Now a painful start at 2am to get my flight at 7am in the morning. Not looking forward to the biting -15 outdoors, and the sleepless night ahead, but I suppose all good things come at a price. Tomorrow, back to my city, my home, albeit alone.

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