Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday 23rd February 2o11

Ahhhhh, finally home! Been awake since 1am UK time, it’s as though one day is just merging into another. I feel jetlagged despite a time difference of just one hour... and I think I have more than compensated for my sleepless night with multiple “naps” on the bus to the airport, at the airport, on the plane, and then on the train home. Oh, and one more on the bus home from the station. But I’m still feeling sorry for myself, after all, I didn’t sleep all night! :p

The journey home was an epic, almost a full 12 hours. I arrived at Stansted looking like a complete idiot buried under thermals, snow boots, a scarf, ski jacket and ear muffs, having come from -16 to +13. It didn’t take me long to strip down to my sweat pants and T to soak in the near-tropical heat of North-East London. I have mixed feelings about being home, half of me doesn’t want to come back to reality, while half of me wants to take it by storm, get done with the mountains of work ahead and win the battles.

Unpacking. Done. Cleaning. Done. Washing. Done. I’m all set for a new day, a new start.

Stockholm was wonderful, and the people very warm. I went with the intention of disliking the city but when I stopped comparing it with London and saw it in it’s own, it really proved it's individuality. Cosy yet many open spaces and clean air. Modern and minimalist yet full of character. A world apart from mine, but beautiful in it's own right. Hopefully we'll meet again.


  1. Du kanske ska fundera på att flytta hit till Stockholm vet du!_! :=)

  2. Lol, say's who... "Anonymous"? Sounds like the voice of God to me...



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