Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday 18th February 2o11

It's as though I have blinked and the week has passed me by. That's not to say the days have been uneventful, just that there has been too much going on to stop and think! And now it's Friday again, the weekend once more. Technically, the week gone by was meant to have been reading week at university - unfortunately I'd be lying if I told you I had read anything other than Elle, BBC news, Tony Blairs Autobiography and the back of the food packets - Hmm... as far as reading goes, I'd say that's quite well-balanced assortment. If we're talking about the relevance of my reading to my degree, "no comment" :p

I find myself today sitting in Stockholm. New place, strange place. Well out of my comfort zone in more ways than one, but fortunately a familiar face lends me some solace; my boyfriend. As he moved here a few weeks back, I decided not to pass on the chance for a quick break... cold as f*** though! -9 celsius today, snowing and windy. NICE. However the serene white blanket is kind of pretty, it provides for a calm that cannot be matched - echoed by the silence in Stockholm City. London, New York, Mumbai - noisy, busy, dirty, thriving, and I guess that's how I imagined every major city in the world to be - I was mistaken!

Happy weekend to you all once again - who knows what this one is going to bring! :D Hope you're warmer than I am right now xx

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