Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday 19th February 2o11

So I went to Drotninggatan today - I suppose the same to Stockholm as Oxford Street is to London. A shopper’s paradise - though I have to say from a Londoners viewpoint it's very "bitesize". Enough choice but not spoilt for choice, if you know what I mean? The -13 celsius did nothing to deter the Saturday shoppers as the pedestrianised street looked busy as ever.

I have to say I am rather shocked at the PRICES here! Everything is just so expensive, and that coming from some-one who has lived their entire life in England! I mean there are some places that have the cheek to sell a 500ml Coca-Cola bottle for 25 krona - are they insane?? The sky high prices were even more of a surprise considering the fare for a half hour train journey into town is just 9 krona.

But I am having fun. I guess I am growing used to the cold a little, and getting on with seeing the city despite the chill, just as the locals do. Having been up and down the train line numerous times now, I (rather smugly) feel familiar with the city - I think the place is growing on me! More tomorrow, time now for bed! xxx

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  1. at least then u won't be obsessed with the small heater at home then, haha, glad your having fun sis, see you soon, xx



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